Cooking in Style: Blueberry and Coconut Baked Porridge

Regular readers of my blog may notice that I’ve posted this recipe before (for the original post, click here), and that’s because I’ve been asked by kitchen appliance company Belling to join their “Cooking in Style” campaign and write a … Continue reading

Blueberry & Chocolate Pancakes!

Decided life is too short not to eat chocolate for breakfast sometimes; also, I’ve realised that if I wake up and immediately do something that requires effort I will almost always have a productive day afterwards. It sort of didn’t … Continue reading

Rose & Raspberry Porridge (Valentine’s Day Breakfast!)

So… Spending Valentine’s Day single was actually the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I thought it would completely suck, considering I’ve only been single for a month, but I thought about it, and changed my attitude – … Continue reading