I ate at The Gate veggie restaurant in Hammersmith!

Last week I ate with a friend at one of my favourite restaurants, The Gate Restaurant in Hammersmith! It’s a lovely veggie/vegan restaurant, with another branch in Islington, so quite easy to get to wherever in London you are. I … Continue reading

Nakd Inspired Berry Smoothie

Today I started getting healthy! Kind of. It’s not really lasting very long. But I had a smoothie, and some Nakd bars, and I didn’t drink far too much coffee like I sometimes do to stay awake even though I … Continue reading

Sweet Potato Rice Salad (“Florette” Product Review)

Hi guys! It’s World Vegetarian Day today! Thought in honour of this occasion I’d make a super-vegetarian salad, and the salad company Florette asked me to collaborate with them for their salad recipe campaign so I invented this ridiculously healthy … Continue reading