Nakd Inspired Berry Smoothie

Today I started getting healthy! Kind of. It’s not really lasting very long. But I had a smoothie, and some Nakd bars, and I didn’t drink far too much coffee like I sometimes do to stay awake even though I … Continue reading

Mango & Banana Smoothie

It’s that time again.Β When Emily feels productive, she makes smoothies. The sun’s (sort of) shining, David Bowie’s on loud, and I’m cracking out revision at 11am, which is a good sign, so I thought I’d make a smoothie to mark … Continue reading

Spring Smoothie

I made this smoothie to welcome in the beginning of Springtime because it’s March, and there are lambs in the fields near university now, and it was getting a little warmer… And then Lancaster decides to snow. Seriously?! It’s snowed … Continue reading

“Get Up and Go” Berry Smoothie

Yes, I am coming to you once more via. The Lancaster University Library… Those of you who follow me on twitter may have noticed an excited tweet about my internet coming back, but unfortunately it was just a tease, and … Continue reading