25 Things I’m Still Clueless About at 25


Unless the title wasn’t a dead giveaway enough, I’ve just turned 25! My birthday came last Saturday and I rung it in just as I expected… Drunk, dancing and surrounded by my amazing friends.

I’m quite terrified to now definitively be in my ‘mid-20s’ (I started this blog when I was still a teenager!), but I’m looking forward to being this age, moving forward in my career and feeling that little bit wiser and more experienced than before.

I’ve seen blog posts all over the internet to the tune of “25 Things I’ve Learnt at 25”, or 30, or 40, and when my birthday came and went I realised that as much as I’ve achieved and learnt there are still so many things I’ve still yet to do and am still completely clueless about.

Your 20s are a strange time; some of your friends will be married with children and some will feel the furthest possible point away from settling down, so often you can find yourself comparing everything you do to others and feeling like a terrible adult, but it’s important to know that no way is the wrong way and everyone’s in the same boat.

Hopefully this list of things I’m still awful at will make you feel infinitely better about being a clueless 20-something and will help you to look forward to all the things you have left to learn. Let me know your ‘adulting’ struggles in the comments!


At the grand age of 25, I am still completely clueless about…

  1. How to give a fuck about doing proper laundry and separating my clothes into colours
  2. How to give a fuck about ironing any of my clothes
  3. How to not let others’ negative opinions or criticisms bother me
  4. How to check up on my health without freaking out about it
  5. Similarly: How to actually motivate myself to go to the GP and not just casually die of an untreated throat infection because I couldn’t be bothered to go on antibiotics (yes, I actually did this at university)
  6. How to do literally any DIY
  7. How to assert myself confidently without feeling like crying
  8. How to work on my career without falling prey to ‘imposter syndrome’
  9. How to change a flat tyre
  10. How to cook properly for over four people
  11. How to keep my flat tidy, and more importantly, clean
  12. How literally anything to do with finance, tax and student loans works (we all do it, but does anyone really understand it?)
  13. How to grow a houseplant and not accidentally kill it
  14. How to be happy for people my age who have already bought houses and not just melt into a puddle of jealousy
  15. How to tell the difference between criticism you should take on board and criticism you should ignore
  16. How to effectively help people in need around the world without becoming extremely upset and frustrated about global problems I can’t control
  17. How to effectively argue with someone homophobic or racist and try to change their viewpoint rather than just getting angry
  18. How to get out into nature more and really appreciate it when I’m surrounded by nature
  19. How not to procrastinate… Or more realistically, to procrastinate less
  20. On the inverse, how to literally stop and relax when I know I’m overworking myself
  21. How to call my long-distance friends more for actual conversations rather than just texting them
  22. How to stop listening to Paramore (scratch that, I’m not guilty about this one at all)
  23. How to understand literally anything to do with my phone contract
  24. How to stop watching Friends re-runs even though I’m fully aware it’s an awful show
  25. And lastly: How to stop freaking out about getting older and appreciate the fact that 25 is going to be awesome (this one, at least, I feel qualified for!)

Though even with all of these things I’m rubbish at I feel very fortunate that I rung in my 25th year surrounded by my friends and having a great time. If you have any guilty ‘clueless confessions’ you’d like to offload yourself please leave them in the comments below!


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