Blueberry and Banana “French Toast”

French toast is one of my favourite breakfasts of all time; it’s filling, tasty and really versatile. But since I’ve been experimenting with vegan food, I’ve yet to have found a dairy-free alternative to French toast that really hits the spot. Luckily, after a few disastrous attempts, I’ve come up with this recipe, which tastes absolutely divine!

For non-vegans, this recipe doesn’t taste exactly like the French toast you’ll be used to when it’s made with eggs. This recipe tastes slightly more like banana bread – completely delicious but a little different to what you might be used to. This means that if you don’t like blueberries you could add strawberries, raisins or chocolate chips, as these ingredients taste really good with banana.

This recipe isΒ a great one for if you have friends coming over to stay the night, as it’s easy to make, and you can tweak it based on what flavours your mates like… Making it a perfect lazy breakfast or brunch option!

Why not try it yourself with whichever fruit you like best? Feel free to Tweet me your finished results; I love seeing your meals and seeing what cool twists you put on these recipes, so get cooking and enjoy your breakfasts!

Blueberry and Banana French Toast


Two slices of white bread

Half a large banana or one small banana

250ml of milk

One teaspoon of plain flour

Half a teaspoon of cinnamon

One tablespoon of vegan margarine

200g of blueberries

One tablespoon of water

One tablespoon of caster sugar

One tablespoon of soy yoghurt (optional)

One tablespoon of maple syrup


  1. To make the blueberry syrup, simply tip the blueberries, water and sugar into a pan and heat gently, stirring, until it forms a sticky, sweet, purple syrup and the blueberries pop slightly. Put in a bowl and leave while you make the toast.
  2. To make the toast, mash the banana in a bowl, then whisk in the milk, flour and cinnamon. Dip the bread into the milky mixture on each side.
  3. Heat the margarine in the pan, then fry the bread on both sides until golden brown. Put on a plate and top with the yoghurt, blueberry syrup and maple syrup.

Serves one


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