“Homemade Rice Milk Vegan Yogurt” Guest Post by Janet Clayton

Hello everybody!

Today I have another brilliant guest post for you to enjoy, this one by a talented writer called Janet Clayton. In this post, she’ll talk about making your own vegan yoghurt, as well as sharing her recipe for rice milk yoghurt that you can make at home.

As you all know, I adore receiving your guest posts; it makes my day when I hear from you guys, whether it’s a comment, email or Tweet, so do keep them coming and I’ll try my hardest to get them all up on this blog!

This post is informative, gorgeous and delicious, so I hope you like reading it just as much as I loved receiving it!

Homemade Vegan Yoghurt

Homemade Vegan Yoghurt

Homemade Rice Milk Vegan Yogurt by Janet Clayton

Waking up in the morning can be hard. Having a good breakfast can make it much easier and that’s why I always have to have a yogurt in my fridge. I am vegan, so I do not buy regular dairy yogurts from the shop.

Nowadays there is a lot of to choose from, but why not to make your own at home? I usually make one batch once a week and I basically live from it the whole week! I make me some delicious yogurt bowls with spirulina for extra boost and I also use this yogurt for making my smoothies. I have them in the morning as a breakfast or during the day as a snack! Yogurt is really one of my favourite food in my diet, but I don’t want to buy it every day, so that’s why I am here with my favourite homemade vegan recipe today!

There are many options how to make your own vegan yogurt at home. I feel like I’ve tried every of them, but this one is my favourite so far. Maybe because I just love rice milk in general. I try to avoid soya milk in my diet, coconut homemade yogurt is great as well, but I can not eat it every day. I also recommend to try almond milk one, but let’s make the rice one now!

The key to homemade yogurt is pretty easy – milk and probiotics. Rice milk is amazing for our skin, for improving our digestion and for energising our bodies, so go for it! Rice milk is also naturally sweet, so there is no reason to add any extra sugar. But it’s always up to you. I never use any kind of sweeteners while making my yogurt, I always use some natural sweetener as my topping. For example fresh sweet fruit such as bananas or mango or you can add a little bit of agave syrup. Yum!

Probiotics are the key to make your yogurt ‘alive’. These healthy bacteria are very important for our digestive system, so it’s good to have a bowl of yogurt for a breakfast for sure. You may be wondering where you can get these probiotics for making a homemade yogurt. Well you can buy a yogurt starter (this one is vegan) or you can also use probiotic capsules (just cut them and use the powder).

The process is super easy, but I know some of you may not have a time to do it. Trust me, I feel you! Whenever I am super busy I use my yogurt maker and it makes my life so much easier. But if you have some extra time you should try this recipe as well!

Homemade Vegan Yoghurt

Homemade Vegan Yoghurt


  • One litre of organic rice milk (you can also make your own and use it for yogurt!)
  • Yogurt starter (¾ tsp probiotic powder from probiotic capsules)


  1. Turn on the oven for 50C. Once it reaches the temperature, turn it off.
  2. Heat up the milk to about 60C, make sure it’s not boiling.
  3. Let it cool down a little bit, about 40C.
  4. Add the starter into the milk and stir it with wooden spoon.
  5. Put the mixture into big clean glass jar or you can use few little jars. Just make sure it has a lid.
  6. Place the jar with the lid on (but let it open a little bit) into the oven which is switched off! And let it sit there for about 6 hours.
  7. If you like your yogurt to be more tangy, just leave it there for a little bit more.

You can store your yogurt in refrigerator for about a week.

About The Author: Janet is the owner of Cheeselinks. They are based in Australia and run cheese-making and yoghurt-making courses.

Interested in guest blogging for Emily Cooks Vegan? Just email a sample of your work to emilycooksvegan@hotmail.co.uk to have your work considered. 


2 thoughts on ““Homemade Rice Milk Vegan Yogurt” Guest Post by Janet Clayton

  1. OMG! I was literally just thinking today “I wonder if I could make yogurt with my probiotics”. It doesn’t sound too hard.

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