“One Kimchi Recipe To Rule Them All” Guest Post By Benjamin Smith

Hello everybody!

As you all know, the one thing I love the most about running this blog is hearing from you guys; it makes my day when one of you comments, emails or Tweets me saying you’ve tried one of my recipes, I’ve inspired you to go veggie, or best of all, because you want to write for me!

Today, the wonderful Benjamin Smith got in touch with me with his top tips for making the perfect Kimchi recipe. Please note that this delicious recipe/infographic contains fish sauce in the ingredients, which I wouldn’t eat, but you can find vegan alternatives. I’ve found this blog post that will help with finding some other options.

I hope you like this blog post as much as I liked receiving it!

One Kimchi Recipe To Rule Them All by Benjamin Smith

If you’ve been lucky enough to delve into the world of Korean cuisine, then you will have across the delectable side dish (or banchan) kimchi.

Now I’ve always been prone to layering my food with anything spicy, but my love for this stuff is on another level.


Kimchi is a side dish like no other. First of all, it packs quite a punch. Its mix of fermented cabbage leaves, garlic and ginger give it a real kick that tastes somewhere between pickled vegetables and Eastern spices. Furthermore it’s packed full of probiotics, which have been proven to aid digestion as well as boost your immune system.

Its versatility knows no boundaries. Although mainly an accompaniment to many traditional Korean dishes, it can easily be mixed with Western dishes, and I’ve even seen it used in hot dogs and on pizza!

Kimchi is actually quite a broad term as there are a lot of varieties of the dish. In fact, there are over 300 of them! However the most widely recognised form of the dish is napa cabbage, and that should be the kimchi that to get started with.

Over at The Online Grill, we’ve put together a handy infographic featuring a how-to on making the only kimchi recipe you’ll ever need. Enjoy!


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