My Time in Germany (Berlin and Munich)

As you can probably guess from the title… I’ve just come back from Germany!

Last week me and my friend Georgia took a long-weekend trip to Berlin and Munich to do some sightseeing, eating, and relaxing – we spent about two days in Berlin and three days in Munich, with an epic six-hour bus journey in the middle!

Berlin was incredibly exciting and busy, with so much sightseeing to fit in, as well as an awesome bar and food scene (we went to the most amazing underground burlesque bar in East Berlin), whereas Munich was really chilled out and quaint, with gorgeous gardens and buildings to wander around.

We also saw The 1975 and The Japanese House when they played  in Munich, which was such a cool experience – when you’re so used to seeing live music in London, it’s really bizarre to hear thousands of German accents singing along to songs you love!

Anyway, here are some photos from our trip for you to have a look at. I hope you enjoy seeing them, and I’ll be back to blogging normally next week, once my crazy journalism exams are finished… Wish me luck.

Love, Emily x


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