Easy Strawberry and Elderflower Dessert Pots

Today I was craving something sweet (as I do on most days, let’s be real), and I fancied doing something really simple and summery, as it’s been quite nice weather in London this week. Over the spring and summer, flavours that taste really great are slightly tangy fruits like elderflower and strawberry, so I thought something light and sweet with those two tastes would work really well as a layered dessert.

I haven’t eaten jelly for a long time, as I didn’t really think it was an option for vegetarians, but it turns out they do sell it in the UK really cheaply (my packet cost about £1.50) – so if you want to get the same brand, I’ve linked to it here.

If you’re looking for a cute snack or dessert as the weather warms up, this is a great recipe to do when you have a little extra spare time on your hands, or maybe for a child’s birthday party or event.

You can even make it boozy by adding a splash of vodka or gin in with the jelly if you’re having a cocktail day with your mates as it warms up – just make sure to keep the liquid balanced, so if you’re adding 50ml of vodka, use 50ml less water than you would have used otherwise.

Hope you enjoy!

Vegan Jelly Dessert

Vegan Jelly Dessert


One packet of strawberry vegetarian jelly

One teaspoon of elderflower cordial

One large pot of fruit-flavoured soya yoghurt

Three fresh strawberries

Half a lime

A squeeze of agave nectar (optional)


  1. Make the veggie jelly according to the packet instructions, adding the cordial to the mixture. Leave to set for around two hours.
  2. Layer the yoghurt over the jelly and squeeze the lime over the top.
  3. Add the fresh chopped strawberries and squeeze over the agave nectar if desired.

Serves three

Strawberry Jelly Desserts

Strawberry Jelly Desserts

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