Raw Chocolate, Coconut and Almond Cookies

About a week ago I got an email from AO LifeΒ asking me to join in their blogger competition; the aim of the competition is to create a delicious and decadent dessert using only healthy ingredients that they send in a little package. I thought this sounded brilliant, so I said yes! Today I got the package full of healthy vegan goodies and set to work inventing a recipe using them (good thing I was working an early morning shift today so I had loads of time this afternoon!)

Inside the box was; Doves Farm buckwheat flour, Meridian almond butter, Tesco Organic almonds, Tesco Organic hazelnuts, Biona Organic coconut palm sugar, Biona Organic raw virgin coconut oil, Sevenhills Wholefoods organic raw cacao powder and Biona Organic light agave syrup, as well as a snazzy apron and a little booklet of recipe ideas!

The box of goodies

The box of goodies

I spent some time thinking, and then loads more time in my kitchen creating, and this is what I came up with, a really yummy and rich dessert using only saintly organic ingredients.

I wouldn’t usually be able to afford most of these ingredients, so this was such a delight to receive and I had so much fun inventing this recipe, I hope you like it!

Chocolate, Coconut and Almond Cookies

Chocolate, Coconut and Almond Cookies


Two tablespoons of coconut oil

Two tablespoons of agave syrup

Half a teaspoon of cinnamon (not included in the box)

Two tablespoons of almond butter

Two tablespoons of cacao powder

75g of rolled oats (not included in the box)

12 almonds

A small handful of coconut palm sugar


  1. Gently melt the coconut oil, agave syrup and cinnamon together in a pan over a very low heat until liquid. Stir in the almond butter until liquid.
  2. Take off the heat and stir in first the cacao powder, and then the oats until fully combined.
  3. Shape into little rounds with your hands and place the cookies on a lined tray. Press an almond into the centre of each cookie and sprinkle them all with some coconut palm sugar.
  4. Chill for 20 to 30 minutes until firm.

Makes 12

Many thanks to ao.com for sending me this lovely box, I had a lot of fun making this!


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