I ate at The Gate veggie restaurant in Hammersmith!

Last week I ate with a friend at one of my favourite restaurants, The Gate Restaurant in Hammersmith! It’s a lovely veggie/vegan restaurant, with another branch in Islington, so quite easy to get to wherever in London you are.

I did a formal review of the restaurant for GetWestLondon, the digital newspaper where I work, so read that if you’re looking for an in-depth straight review! On this blog I just thought I’d show you guys the lovely photos of the food me and my friend took and chat about why it was so nice to eat there!

I’ve never been to the Islington branch, so there could be differences in the menu, but the overall ethos of the restaurant and the food will be really similar. This is my experience in the Hammersmith branch :)

So we went into the restaurant, and it was a blaaazzing day outside, I think it was 34 degrees Celsius (crazy) and as soon as we sat down they were really sweet and got us icy water to cool down, then we had a look at the menu. I don’t know about you guys, but I often feel like at most restaurants they will put loads of effort into the meat and fish options, and the veggie options seem really half-arsed, and always contain mushrooms, which I hate! Well this place wasn’t like that at all – there was so much to choose from, and everything seemed so well thought out with loads of flavour.

We shared a pumpkin tart for a starter (which we probably shouldn’t have shared and just got two, it was super nice!) which was so creamy and soft with lovely pastry. I think it was a perfect starter because it wasn’t overwhelming at all, it was mild and not too filling, but a really nice taste of what was to come!

Pumpkin Tart

Pumpkin Tart

My friend Maeve got tortillas for her main and I got the Thai green curry, which was delicious! Really nicely spiced and with really yummy wild rice and a green papaya dish on the side, which I’ve never tried before but loved.



Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Curry

Then for pudding, Maeve got a sticky date pudding and I got a rosewater panna cotta… But I tried bits of hers because it looked so nice. They were both to die for and such a nice way to end the meal. I think the best part was the fact that I really treated myself, we both had quite a lot of food, but it wasn’t waay too filling like some places can be (when I left the restaurant I went to for my 22nd birthday I needed a proper lie down!)

Sticky Date Pudding

Sticky Date Pudding

Rosewater panna cotta

Rosewater panna cotta

So if you get a chance to get to this veggie restaurant, it’s a really lovely meal out, and they have loads of vegan, gluten free and nut free options to choose from if you have a dietary requirement.

I think the main reason why I loved it so much is that it’s so nice to have a really good choice, and not feel limited in what you have to eat, because everything has meat in it – so if you’re looking for a veggie/vegan place in London to eat out, The Gate is definitely a great option – and it’s not super expensive either! :)

I hope you’ve liked reading my little review, have a good time in the sun while it’s still out! Emily x


Hammersmith branch: 51 Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith (West London), W6 9QL – 020 8748 6932

Islington branch: 370 St John Street, Islington (North London), EC1V 4NN – 020 7278 5483

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