Gooey Chocolate Flapjacks

Last week when I came home from a long commute (why is it London feels so much bigger than it actually is when you’re commuting?!) I was very tired and hungry, and stopped by my local corner shop to pick up some pasta and stuff, and I saw a huge bar of dark chocolate, which happened to be vegan… Temped, I took it back and looked in my cupboards to see what I could invent, and I made these!

The thing I love about flapjacks is that they’re so, so easy to make, and often don’t require any more ingredients than things you have in your cupboards already; in fact, this recipe only has five ingredients! With such a yummy, gooey end result, and only in 20 minutes, they’re a very easy way to get an instant chocolatey fix.

I hope you enjoy the recipe and are enjoying the beautiful weather, those of you who live in England – try not to pull a stupid Emily move and get sunburnt… I’m looking pretty lobster-esque right now, not a good look!

Gooey Vegan Chocolate Flapjacks

Gooey Vegan Chocolate Flapjacks


250g of rolled oats

125g of caster sugar

125g of vegan margarine

4 tablespoons of golden syrup

100g of dark vegan chocolate


  1. Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius and grease a square baking tin very well.
  2. Melt the sugar, margarine and golden syrup gently in a pan and pour over the oats in a large bowl. Mix well.
  3. Press the mixture into the tin and bake for 20-25 minutes until golden brown, then leave to cool completely.
  4. Melt the chocolate and drizzle over the top. When the flapjacks are cool, cut into squares and enjoy!

Makes 12

P.S. I’m still in love with my job, I realise I haven’t talked about in much detail to you yet, I’ve just been so busy! I’m now the What’s On writer for an online newspaper called GetWestLondon, so if you ever fancy reading my stuff click here… If you guys are interested in hearing about it I’ll write a big whole post about it soon :)


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