Guest Post by Myrtle Terri!

There are so many utterly brilliant, talented writers around at the moment, and I absolutely LOVE when I’m given the opportunity to showcase some of the fabulous bloggers and journalists that write about vegan stuff, so it gives me great pleasure to be able to do that today!

I hope you love reading this piece by Myrtle Terri just as much as I did, and as always, please feel free to email me with any ideas for guest posts, they really do make my day.

Three of the best restaurants for vegan dining in London: Myrtle Terri

London isn’t exactly the center of veggie pastas or fish-free sushi but the city has delicious vegan offerings if you know where to look. If you follow a vegan diet and want to know which restaurants in London offer a wide variety of selections for you, here are three places that have earned high praises from the local vegan community.

42 Raw

42 Raw is an amazing restaurant that serves food and drinks in their natural state. As such, everything here is nutritious and perfect for those who are advocates of raw food items. The lasagna, which is made of squash, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and pesto, is highly recommended. The restaurant serves the most amazing vegetable-based juices and smoothies so it’s the perfect place to hang out at after a nice jog or workout.

42 Raw Cafe

42 Raw Cafe

Itadaki Zen
Have you ever heard of fish-free sushi? If you haven’t, you might want to take a trip to Itadaki Zen – home of Europe’s first organic and vegan Japanese restaurant. Vegan sushi is typically made of carrots, cucumbers, avocados, cream cheese, nori, and rice. Itadaki Zen elevates its vegan sushi so much that it tastes almost as heavenly as actual sushis that use high-grade fish slices.
Itadaki Zen boasts of its meals that use only organic vegetables, herbs, and sea plants. Apart from vegan sushi, the restaurant is also known for its Miso-Ni-Komi Udon, which is a dish made of shiitake mushrooms, fried tofu, miso, and a variety of fresh vegetables.

Itadaki Zen

Itadaki Zen

Sagar is a restaurant for Indian food lovers. This vegetarian and vegan restaurant has the most amazing vegetable curries and lentil pizzas that are so delicious you’ll wonder why people are still eating regular pizza. Some of the most famous orders in Sagar include the Masala Dosa, a dish made of rice and pancakes stuffed with carrots and potatoes, and Tomato Uthappam — a dish made of traditionally prepared rice and lentil pizza topped with tomato.



When people think about London, some think about the most exclusive private clubs where the rich and elite meet for high-society entertainment. To others, however, the place is quickly becoming a mecca of plant-based food where vegans can enjoy meals that are carefully-tailored for their nutrient-rich diet.


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