Product Review: Goody Good Stuff!

Today I got a lovely present through the post, a sample of Goody Good stuff vegan jelly sweeties!

I was so excited to get these and try them out, and extra happy to see a little fluffy koala in the package as well, who me and my sister have named Michael! I used to absolutely love jelly gummy sweets, and since I’ve been a vegetarian I’ve really missed eating them, as most of them use gelatine to make them gummy. Haribo brought out some veggie sweets (and quickly discontinued them) a few years ago, but they were a little bit tough and hard… Not too nice at all!

These however were gorgeous! Goody Good Stuff are vegan, gluten free and have no artificial colours or sweeteners in, so they’re perfect for veggies like me or for if you’re health-conscious… And they actually taste kind of like the real gelatiney thing, nice and soft andΒ yummy!

Goody Good Stuff jelly sweeties

Goody Good Stuff jelly sweeties


As you can see from the picture I got lots of different flavours to try, and my favourites were probably the cola bottles and the fizzy sour sweets – sour tastes have always been my one true vice. They’re not overly sweet as well; I find that a lot of jellies are a bit sickly, but these were just right.

And my sister tried some too, despite being a meat-eater… She said “they were really lovely, but I ate way too much and now I feel sick.”

So do your body some good and enjoy some yummy sweets :)

If you want to get your hands on some Goody Good Stuff sweets, head to their website.




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