Super healthy detox smoothie (with baobab powder)

Hi everyone! I thought today I’d make a super-healthy smoothie, as I’ve been really unhealthy recently (like… my entire life) and I’m trying to get back on the wagon. I’ve been so so so busy recently, having just finished my postgraduate diploma and starting my new job this week (I’m a proper journalist now, hooray! Check out GetWestLondonΒ to read my stuff!) and I’ve just not done any exercise or eaten any healthy food – it’s been all pizza for the last few weeks, bad Emily.

So today I went round the supermarket gathering together my favourite fruits to make a smoothie, and I even put baobab powder in. My friend recommended it to me, it’s like a superfood powder full of vitamins and minerals, that you can just sprinkle on cereal or put in a smoothie. It tastes kind of like grapefruit to me, and it’s really nice mixed in with yoghurt. So I thought I’d use it to kickstart my new effort to be a little more healthy in the future!

Let me know in the comments what you like to do to stay healthy that requires minimal effort :)

Baobab Smoothie

Baobab Smoothie


One banana

One handful of blueberries

One handful of chopped strawberries

Juice of one lime

Two tablespoons of baobab powder

150ml of orange juice


  1. Whack everything in a blender and mix away!

Makes one glass


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