Redemption Bar!

Calling all Londoners!

A few days ago I stumbled upon an amazing pop-up bar/restaurant in Holburn and I thought I’d do a blog post about it as it was so lovely, just to let you know of a new place you may never have heard about before. I find it really tricky to eat out in restaurants and have any choices at all… I get a lot of stick from my mates when I sometimes have to get plain salads just to find something meat free, and it means I inevitably have to go home afterwards to gorge on chocolate biscuits to fill myself up when my meal hasn’t!

Anyway, so this gorgeous place is a “dry” bar, which means it doesn’t serve any alcohol, just “mocktails”, which are lovely and coconutty (and if you’re accidentally doing Dry January just to keep yourself from being embarrassingly hungover at your new job like me, quite convenient!) They also do raw vegan food that’s completely designed by nutritionists. It’s all covered in fairy lights and looks wonderfully boho; me and a friend from Press Association went in for a drink and it was a really chilled atmosphere :)

I even had a chat with the manager whilst I was there, and she explained that the whole menu is vegan, raw, sugar free and alcohol free, “the way nutrition is supposed to be”, which is perfect for thoseΒ new years resolutions to stay on the healthy track. They’re also doing a partnership with Cancer Research this month, so you get a free mocktail with your meal if you’re doing Dry January for charity.

So I hope that’s given you guys a little idea of a vegan haven to visit if you’re stumped for a place to eat out if you’re ever visiting London, or you’re giving up the drink for a while. Let me know if you decide to go and tell me what you ordered!

Mezze platter

Mezze platter

Chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse


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