Nakd Inspired Berry Smoothie

Today I started getting healthy! Kind of. It’s not really lasting very long. But I had a smoothie, and some Nakd bars, and I didn’t drink far too much coffee like I sometimes do to stay awake even though I don’t really like coffee that much. I tried.

So yeah, because I’m a proper adult now I’ve been attempting to get healthy along with my other adulty endeavours such as having a full-time job and wearing more appropriate nail varnish, and so far it’s culminated in me going for a gentle 5 minute jog and nearly collapsing into an unfit heap, and making this rather nice smoothie. Inspired by my favourite Nakd bar flavour it’s got loads of berries in, and is a much nicer way of getting healthier than making yourself jog when you are in fact, not a jogging type of person. In fact, I feel like a berry smoothie balances out all the other unhealthy things I do. Nothing radiates health more than spending 10 straight hours sitting on my laptop with a mountain of chocolate, and a smoothie.

So Nakd bars and Trek protein bars are my favourite thing in the world ever, Β if you want to try them, you can get them on their website,Β or if you live in England they’re sold in Tesco and stuff. They’re dead nice.

Nakd Smoothie

Nakd Smoothie


One banana

A big handful of raspberries

A big handful of chopped strawberries

The juice of one orange

The juice and zest of half a lime


  1. Blend the bajeezus out of everything.

Serves one

Nakd Bars

Nakd Bars


9 thoughts on “Nakd Inspired Berry Smoothie

  1. Emily you make it sound incredibly easy! Looks tasty too. Can you recommend the best machine I should buy? I am a total beginner, actually I don’t even have the machine yet… a blender right? I have disability so need a unit that is easy for weak person and that is easy to clean/maintain. Cheers Mikee

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