Three Things (Including Ultimate Hot Chocolate)

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been absent for a while, I’ve been craaazy busy at work and trying to see my friends, so I haven’t had a great deal of time at the moment to cook yummy food. It does mean however that I have a few things to update you on as I’ve been away from you, so I thought I’d make a three things blog post jam-packed with interesting stuff! Things are calming down a little bit as well now so I shall be posting a plenty for Halloween – me and my friend have come up with an awesome costume idea, so get ready to have a laugh at that :)

Thing Number One

So the first thing is that now winter’s rolling around it’s been getting intensely cold in London (and it was national chocolate week last week which I fully embraced), so I invented the ultimate hot chocolate! Oatly the vegan milk brand I worked with a few months ago sent me a really cool infographic about their chocolate milk and I thought what better way to make the ultimate hot chocolate than to use that and make it ultra-decadent and comforting. So not only does my ultimate hot chocolate use actual chocolate milk but it has loads of spices in it that make it taste like Autumn. I definitely needed this after my walk home from work last night when I got caught in a bought of freezing cold rain!

Here’s a link to the last hot chocolate recipe I made in case you fancy a spicier version of this one!

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Chocolate week!

Chocolate week!


250ml chocolate milk (I used Oatly)

2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

Half a teaspoon each of cinnamon and nutmeg


  1. Whack all of the ingredients in a mug and stir thoroughly, then microwave on high for two minutes.

Serves one

Thing Number Two

Second up, I had a dinner party with my friends and made two different kinds of pasta, and I thought the vegan one would be perfect to share here, but the recipe’s quite similar to ones I’ve already done, so I’d just give it to you here in case you fancied making it :)

Yes, that’s Babycham in the picture. It’s like a very cheap English pretend champagne, and it tastes really, really nice!

Dinner Party

Dinner Party


One onion

One clove of garlic

One small courgette

One small carrot

One red pepper

One tin of chopped tomatoes

One teaspoon of paprika (I didn’t actually add that this time though, as one of my friends hates spicy food!)

Salt and pepper to season


  1. Chop the carrot and boil for 10 minutes until soft, then set aside.
  2. Fry the chopped onions and garlic in a little oil until golden brown. Gradually add the rest of the chopped vegetables until they’re all soft and golden brown.
  3. Add the chopped tomatoes and spices and stir until everything’s piping hot. Serve with pasta.

Makes enough sauce for six people

Thing Number Three

And last but not least, I discovered this app! It’s a map that lets you know where veggie restaurants are in your city (in my case, London). When I first went vegetarian/vegan I found it so hard to find restaurants that could offer a wide range of vegetarian choices and it made going out with friends really difficult, so I thought I’d let you guys now about this, as it makes finding a place to eat so much easier :)

Here’s the link:

Hope you’ve enjoyed this very scatterbrained post! I’ll be back to normal soon, I promise <3


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