Birthday Cocktails!

That’s right chicks, I’m a 22 year old now; I’ve officially ventured into the “proper adult” realm and it’s somewhat odd. So far in my experience, being 22 involves lots of getting drunk, working in Waterstones a little bit hungover, reading great books (check out The Aftermath by Rhidian Brook, which I’ve just finished and loved) and seeing my amazing friends. Seriously, some of my friends traveled across the country to bring in the new year with me, and the friends who live near me in London took me on a brilliant night out and fed me drinks – I’m very grateful for my little surrogate family. Anyway, on my birthday we went out and I made cocktails for everyone, so I thought I’d share my recipe for mojitos :)

Just a public service announcement, this recipe makes for a very strong cocktail mix; if you’re not planning on getting drunk, or you don’t like the taste of alcohol, please lower the amount of alcohol going in. Also let’s not do this if you’re under 18.

The other cocktail pictured is gin and pineapple juice with a load of lemon and pineapple chunks, but it wasn’t quite as nice.

Birthday Mojito

Birthday Mojito


250ml of gin or white rum (I don’t like the taste of rum so we went off book and used gin, and it tasted really nice)

One litre of soda water

One tablespoon of sugar

A handful of fresh mint

Two limes

Lots of ice (not pictured as we made these 3 hours early and didn’t want the ice to melt before we could drink it)


  1. Crush the mint and put it into a big jug. Cut the limes into quarters and squeeze about half of them into the jug, and put the rest in whole; there should be a bit of lime juice in and some fresh untouched lime slices.
  2. Put the rest of the ingredients in the jug and mix well, adding more sugar or lime depending on your taste.
  3. Get a bit merry.

Makes a very, very strong jug

Just some quick updates: Sorry I’ve been away for a while, work’s been pretty hectic. Some exciting things have happened though!

I published an article on UNiDAYS, so here that is:

Also I used to sing a lot, and I’ve been trying to get back into it, so I started a music YouTube channel! I feel a bit awkward putting it out there, and I’m by no means incredible, but I’m quite proud of some of the stuff up there, so have a gander if you fancy :)


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