Peaches & Cream Porridge

Did a thing this morning that I haven’t done in absolutely ages, made dessert for breakfast! If you take a scroll through my ‘breakfast’ tag you will find many a concoction derived of my love for both breakfast and sweet things, such as Carrot Cake porridge, and today marks the first time since I have been bothered/have the time to come up with another! When I was with my best friend in America I had peaches & cream french toast at IHOP, and though it was amazing it gave me the shakes from how much sugar was in it, so I thought I’d recreate a slightly healthier version of that meal. I certainly enjoyed it so I hope you do too :)

I was also thinking of doing a sort of poll in the comments section on whether I do a sweet or savoury recipe next as I can never make my mind up – what would you prefer to have from me? I welcome specific suggestions too :)

Peaches & Cream Porridge

Peaches & Cream Porridge


50g of oats

250ml of soy milk

Half a teaspoon of vanilla extract

A handful of dried apricots (or dried peaches if that’s a thing… I couldn’t find any)

A handful of tinned or fresh peach slices

A small handful of almonds

One tablespoon of brown sugar


  1. Stir the oats, soy milk and vanilla until thick and creamy. Mix in the dried apricots and spoon into a bowl.
  2. Add the peaches on top with the almonds, then sprinkle the sugar on top.

Serves one


10 thoughts on “Peaches & Cream Porridge

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  2. sorry but my english is… cof cof… not perfect. “Stir until thick” do you heat the misture? or it works with cold “milk”? (can one heat the porridge just because? I like warm food :) )
    about the vanilla extract, is dificult and expensive to buy a bio choise (or a real vanilla bean extract) so.. the flavour of vanilla beans will work? should I try with a 1/4 of teaspon to beggin or a half as you recomend?
    Sorry if I’m annoying!
    Thank you *


    • Don’t dare worry about being annoying, that’s what I’m here for! I was a bit unclear in the method – you stir the oats and milk in a pan over the heat, it will thicken into a warm creamy porridge in about five minutes. I’m not entirely sure what you mean about the vanilla question – I used half a teaspoon of liquid vanilla extract which only costs about a pound, but the pure vanilla beans I’ve never used before and they are quite expensive. Just use whichever you prefer and to your own taste, my recipes are only guidelines really :)
      Emily x

      • Hi!
        Thank you for your response. About vanilla, my problem is concernd with the possibilitie of being animal origin. I mean… I read a post a few months ago about the fact that “natural vanilla” could be extrated from a kind of beaver body part.
        I tried this recipe last week. I found it very sweet! :) Next time I will cut at vanilla bean and sugar! :P
        Thank you!
        (the image of my porridge!

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