Pimp My Ramen

Ok. Hear me out. I know this sounds like a massive cop-out on my part, as it’s hardly a good “recipe” sticking a pack of noodles in a pan, but I thought this was a post that needed to be done.

Whilst me and my best friend were in New York, pretty much all we ate was ramen, because it’s so cheap. Same reason I eat it all the time at university. But here’s the thing, if you eat it on its own, the only nutrients you’re getting is a little bit of carbs, which is no good. As it’s drawing near to exam time for most of us uni students, it’s so important to be eating right, but I don’t have the money to be buying acai berries and protein powder and all that stuff.

So here are a few ideas for how to pimp your ramen and make it slightly healthier, for a super easy student diet. Here’s Emily getting all sciencey, I’ve done my brain food research!

Note: I will probably be eating cheap noodles all the way into proper adulthood, so this isn’t strictly aimed at students, just people who need a brain boost on a budget :)

Pimped-up ramen

Pimped-up ramen

A Few Ideas:

– Quorn or tofu: tofu in particular is really high in protein, and contains all 8 essential amino acids (when I talked to the doctor about going vegan ages ago he recommended tofu as it’s the only meat alternative that contains these proteins, which is why meat’s so good for you). It’s also high in calcium and iron, so particularly good for women, who do need.

Sweetcorn: high in fibre and Emily’s favourite vegetable.

Mushrooms: contain vitamin D which is vital for brain function (exam time!). Good with meaty flavours of ramen – all flavours of Pot Noodle in the UK are vegetarian for some reason, I love the chicken flavoured one.

Spinach: super high in iron, which if you’re moderately anaemic like I used to be, is vital for combating symptoms like tiredness and dizziness. Only use in veggie flavoured ramen, in my opinion it’s pretty grim in the oriental flavours (although feel free to try!)

Broccoli: also high in iron and calcium, but in my opinion, slightly tastier than spinach.

Other brain foods include: walnuts, olive oil and dark chocolate! If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to comment :)


9 thoughts on “Pimp My Ramen

  1. Wow, this is quite nice–and actually looks pretty tasty! In all of our haste to produce pictures of decadent, complicated treats, it’s nice to have the occasional tip on how to ‘pimp’ the regular stuff we all eat when we’re too tired or busy to cook. :-) Thanks for this!

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