My time in America!

I’ve just been to the States to visit my best friend who’s studying out there, so I thought I’d share some pictures! It’s my first time over there, so we spent some time in Washington DC where she studies (perfect timing for the cherry blossom festival), then went to New York for a few days, which was absolutely incredible. Everyone was right about the food, the portions are huge, and it’s all so nice – I nearly went into a sugar coma after my french toast meal in IHOP (International House of Pancakes), so it’s definitely like nothing I’ve ever experienced before in England!

We did all of the touristy stuff, which of course was amazing, and even saw a late-night performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in New York – I would urge anyone who lives nearby to see it, it was fantastically hilarious!

So here is a selection of my pictures, thanks to Georgie for showing me round, and thanks to the US for having me :D


12 thoughts on “My time in America!

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  3. I’m not “exactly” jealous at the fact that you went to america….Just kidding, I’m sooo envious right now! That’s freaking amazing! You’re so lucky oh ma baby gandhi! Do you miss it yet? And is it true that they have like everything?! :D

  4. How fun! Isn’t it so cool that all of us bloggers can have a whole world online yet live a whole country away! WHOO HOO for your fun!

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