Crispy Chickpeas

Well hello there.

I’ve finished the play I’ve been doing! I had rehearsals and shows all this week which was ridiculously tiring but really fun – feel like I’m just getting back to reality now! Anyway, because I’ve been in the theatre a lot recently I’ve been having to make packed lunches and stuff rather than cooking at home, and I think my favourite one this week was crispy chickpeas. I won’t give a whole recipe because there isn’t one really, you just sprinkle them with lots of salt and paprika and olive oil, and then roast them for about half an hour until they’re really brown and crunchy. It’s even better with rice as well, as I made this a few hours in advance and by then all of the flavours had soaked into the rice – oh it was divine. I also drank a lot of Rubicon juice and ate a lot of Kinder Bueno bars during my crazy week, which made me greatly happy.

So yes, I am back to normality (ish) now, and will be posting some good recipes again soon! Hope you enjoy the packed lunch idea, it’s really simple and tasty so I hope you do try it :)

Also if you’re at all interested I think the play should be getting a few reviews soon, so when they come in I’ll link them so you can see some pictures :)

Crispy Chickpeas



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