Spicy Parsnip Chips

I buy newspapers most days as I am an old man and don’t have a telly.

I found this recipe in one a few days ago though so I made it, and it was very nice – and Christmassy as well, which is socially acceptable now (I have an advent calendar and fairy lights in my room!)

Parsnips always remind me of Christmas because I love them, but it’s the only time of year that I think to buy them, so they’re a bit of a treat, which is strange as they are a vegetable and my usual treats are vodka and chocolate, so eating these with the apple sauce made me feel all festive and a bit homesick, so I’m really looking forward to the holiday season kicking off properly now – in fact I’m wearing a really ugly Christmas jumper to symbolise the beginning of Christmas :)

Advent starts in 3 days guys, hope you’re excited!

Parsnip Chips

Parsnip Chips


One parsnip

Some oil or vegan margarine

One clove of garlic

One cooking apple, or some apple sauce if you’re lazy like me

Various spices, such as turmeric, cumin and paprika


  1. Drizzle the parsnip slices (slice the parsnip into chips) and chopped up garlic with oil and put them in the oven at 200 degrees for about 20 minutes.
  2. Mix some apple sauce with the spices, and once the parsnips are golden brown, put a dollop of the apple on top. If you’re adept and have time on your hands then make the apple sauce yourself by boiling a cooking apple until it’s soft and then mashing it up.

Serves one

My epic meal complete with ALL OF THE QUORN NUGGETS

My epic meal complete with ALL OF THE QUORN NUGGETS


5 thoughts on “Spicy Parsnip Chips

  1. I love parsnips, that sweet buttery flavour… in fact I have some in the fridge I may just bake them for dinner tonight. I’ve yet to try them with apple sauce, roast pork, parsnips and apple sauce. Sounds like a plan :-)

  2. Parsnip chips sound delicious! I’ve had roasted parsnip before, but never considered turning it into chip form (though I guess they are relatively similar).
    In Australia we tend to have more salads then roasts at Christmas (even though it has not been hot weather here), but these chips would be a great alternative in the old fish and chips serving!

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