Pepper & Mushroom Couscous

I still don’t have internet, crying inside. I’m currently at my friend’s house posting this, but I’ve been so busy recently that I haven’t had time to cook nice food, sorry! I’ve started lectures again, and I’ve got a part in the play Sweeny Todd at university, so I haven’t managed to make food that’s blogworthy recently – until now! I found this in an old cookbook and couldn’t wait to try it out; it does have halloumi cheese in it, but it should taste just as nice without, so it’s a perfect meal for vegetarians and vegans alike :)

It tastes great, and it’s super quick, so if you’re in a rush then it’s a great recipe to use. Hopefully I’ll have the internet back within a couple of days, so apologies that this post has been really rushed and manic, I’ll pay you all some more attention soon!

Mushroom & Pepper Couscous

Mushroom & Pepper Couscous


50g of couscous

Half a red pepper

Two mushrooms

Some halloumi (if you are not vegan)

Some garlic

Some parsley


  1. Cook the couscous in boiling water.
  2. Meanwhile, heat some oil in a pan and fry the vegetables and halloumi until golden brown. Tip the vegetables and cheese over the couscous and tear over some parsley.

Serves one


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