Mons Zoo!

As I mentioned in my post about when I went travelling a few weeks ago, whilst we were in Belgium we went to an incredible zoo called Pairi Daiza, and I thought as we had such an amazing time there I’d write a bit about what it was like, and then maybe if you’re ever in the area you can check it out for yourself!

Me with my new lemur friend

Me with my new lemur friend

What made this zoo so great was that everything was so authentic and the whole experience was so immersive and tactile – all of the animals were kept in spacious environments almost identical to what they’d be used to in the wild, and they climbed all over you and you could touch (the safe ones!) as much as you wanted; here’s a picture of me with a swarm of lemurs to prove my point!

There are a few sections of the zoo that represent different areas in the world, and not only do they have the most amazing animals in each section, but they also contain completely authentic decoration – my favourite area, the China area, had a building that had actually been constructed in China and then moved to Belgium just for the zoo; even the sand and rocks in the enclosures were from the country the specific animal had come from, it was just amazing!

I’m a huge animal lover, and the fact that we had lemurs all over us, could feed the giraffes by hand and got squirted with water by an elephant made it so much fun, and they all had so much space, which is the one reason I don’t like going to London zoo – you can tell that all of the animals are treated really well, and enjoy interacting with the visitors.

If you like the sound of this amazing place, here’s their website, if you ever find yourself in Belgium then do check it out!


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