Product Review: Nakd Bars

I thought I’d do a review of my favourite snack today; the company Natural Balance emailed me asking to try their product, so agreed, not realising that I already knew and loved (and even made my own) them, and was over the moon about receiving a free sample!

Nakd Bars

Nakd Bars

Nakd bars are completely vegan and gluten free, a little squidgy bar of loveliness, all really healthy and in a range of lovely flavours; obviously everyone has different tastes, but my personal favourites are Berry Delight and Cocoa Delight. Berry Delight tastes sweet without being sickly because it’s flavoured with just raspberries and no sugar, which is great for people who are health conscious and only like to eat pure food. Cocoa Delight genuinely tastes like a squidgy chocolate brownie, but is made with just: dates, cashews, raisins and cocoa (seriously, those are the only ingredients). I’m not a huge fan of nuts, so the Cashew Cookie didn’t really appeal to me as much as the other flavours, but it does taste really nice, and they’re not sickly sweet so it feels like you’re doing your body some good! They also have flavours like Apple Pie, Banana Bread and new Rhubarb and Custard, which I actually haven’t tried yet, but sounds lovely.

They also sent me some flavoured raisins – basically a snack pack of raisins with different flavours added; I got to try cherry, cola and lime, and they were amazing! They all tasted tangy and delicious – I especially loved the lime ones, they were like healthy tic tacs!

Basically Natural Balance sell really yummy snacks which also happen to be really good for you and only have about 4 ingredients per bar, so you know you’re doing your body some good :)

If you want to buy some for your own, go to their website here.

Berry Delight

Berry Delight

Also, I just moved into my new student house, here’s my room (well, a little portion of it, it’s quite small so I had to take this photo standing on my bed squished against the wall. And yes, that’s a vinyl player in the corner, my new pride and joy, happily playing Nirvana very loudly :)

My bedroom

My bedroom


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