My Tattoo

I got a tattoo!

It’s on my ankle, of one of Salvador Dali’s famous lanky elephants, I’ve wanted it for a long time, and when I told my friend Chris that I was thinking about it he got all excited and encouraged me to get it done, and then came with me to ensure I didn’t wuss out (I was actually quite good with it if I say so myself! Didn’t hurt that much!)

Anyway, here’s a picture! (It’s still quite pink and painful, I’ll post a nicer picture when it’s all healed up) :)



I got it because I’ve loved Dali ever since I took my art GCSE, and he was the first artist I really loved, and probably one of the reasons I discovered my creative side, and why I sing and write a lot now (I was never that good at drawing so I didn’t take art beyond 16 years old, but he was incredibly inspiring for me, and made me realise I wanted to be creative over anything else) and I wanted something beautiful on my body as a reminder to love, cherish and take care of it… The elephant in particular I got because it has an incredibly inspiring meaning behind it:

“It is said an elephant will never forget. Carrying their burdens atop their backs in most of Dali’s paintings, his elephants were tall and lanky and carried luggage of all different symbolic sorts. Depicting the future with the weight of the world on them, Dali’s elephants symbolized strength and moving on. No matter what you are faced with in life, baggage need not define you. Carry yourself with a standard of grace and bear the weight of your own world and stay grounded.”

As you guys know if you’ve been reading my blog since I started, I’ve faced quite a bit during my time and come out of the other side happy, the elephant on my ankle is not only beautiful, but also, when I look at it in times of struggle, I’ll be reminded of how much life’s worth, and how great it can be if you just forget your burdens and move on. I’m also going to have something pretty to look at whenever I shave my legs or tie my shoes now, which is pretty cool.

So, there’s the story behind the new tattoo, I hope you like it :)

Sorry Mum x


19 thoughts on “My Tattoo

  1. That is a beautiful tattoo! I have been contemplating one for a while. I know I want a V on my wrist for vegan and blackbirds on my foot.

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