Spring Smoothie

I made this smoothie to welcome in the beginning of Springtime because it’s March, and there are lambs in the fields near university now, and it was getting a little warmer… And then Lancaster decides to snow. Seriously?! It’s snowed and been absolutely freezing for the last few days and it’s been so annoying; when I was craving snow around Christmas and drinking loads of hot chocolate there was absolutely none, and now that I’m getting excited about warm weather and Springtime we get snow, and I slipped over on it yesterday and spilled my boiling coffee all over my arm. Silly England :(

Anyway, regardless of the fact that it’s far too cold for smoothies at the moment, this was really nice, so you should definitely try it in a week or two. I usually just blend fruit in my smoothies, but this has some almond milk and yoghurt in, which makes it taste a little like a milkshake, something that I absolutely love when the weather gets warmer… So hopefully you like this recipe even though the weather’s awful, and the strawberry and peach makes you happy, even though you’re probably in 30 layers of clothing and still shivering, like me.

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Strawberry & Peach Smoothie

Strawberry & Peach Smoothie


Half a banana

200ml of almond milk

One spoonful of natural soy yoghurt

6 or 7 strawberries

One peach, or a very small tin of peach slices

One teaspoon of apple sauce or agave syrup to sweeten


  1. Put everything in a blender, whizz it up and drink :)

Serves one


5 thoughts on “Spring Smoothie

  1. I would drink this. I also love how English people say yogurt and yahoo. I have an English friend and he is from Witchurch, his accent is awesome, I always make him say yogurt.

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