Homemade Berry Delight Nakd Bars!

I think this may just be an English thing, but anyone who’s ever tried a Nakd bar either loves them or is very strange… Me and my best friend discovered them about a year ago and I’m pretty addicted, but they’re quite expensive so I thought I’d give them a go myself – they print the quantities of the ingredients on the back of the packets, so it was really easy to do it at home, I just did a bit of maths, and the rest was seriously easy as they only have 4 ingredients in them, and they taste so amazing! I picked a very good week to make these on as well, because when my food was delivered this week (because I was too busy/lazy to go shopping in person) the supermarket had substituted my Nakd bars for KitKats. Shame. Last time I get my stuff delivered for me…

I’d definitely recommend giving these a go at home because they’re much cheaper than the shop bought version, are incredibly yummy and really good for you as well! I’ve eaten three so far, and I have to make the rest last as I’m getting fed up of KitKats as my good snack food now. They will probably last about a day.

I have an exam/presentation on Wednesday and I’m really really nervous for it, as, although I blog for you guys, and I do a lot of singing and busking, public speaking is not something I’m very good at (I umm and ahh a lot, and throw my hands around too much and say ‘kind of’ every other word) so I’m going to hibernate in a tornado of worry and rehearsing until then, I may post in that time, but sorry if I seem a little absent for the next few days! Wish me luck :)

Oh, and also… I’m coming up to my first blogging anniversary (March 24th!) and I’m aiming for 1,000 followers by that date! I’m on 890 at the moment, so I’m not far off, but if you’re not already following, and you fancy it, click ‘follow this blog’ on the sidebar underneath my face. Thanks :D

Nakd Bars

Nakd Bars


98g of dates

62g of cashews

34g of raisins

Handful of raspberries


  1. Put all of the ingredients in a blender (soak the dates for a few minutes in boiling water first) and blend to a paste.
  2. Put the mixture in the fridge for a few minutes, shape them into six bars, then put them in the fridge for a further hour before you eat them.

Makes 6 bars


29 thoughts on “Homemade Berry Delight Nakd Bars!

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  4. W don’t have Nakd bars here, well, not that I’ve seen anyway. But they are then only four ingredients, no flour, eggs, butter or anything?? Interesting. I may try them out.

  5. Love nakd bars lots…don’t much love the cost of nakd bars!! Very keen to give these a try :) Lots of luck with the presentation….I get the umming and ahhhing and hand flailing thing! And I talk waaaaay too fast… xx

  6. Ooh good luck, public speaking is quite difficult; just remember everyone will be wishing you the best of luck and people really aren’t as critical as you may think.
    I like to just pretend I’m talking to one person, and rehearse a lot before hand.
    But you’ll do great I know it :)

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