A Day In The Life (My Everyday Meals)

Someone asked me whether I could post a few examples of meals I eat on a day-to-day basis, so I decided to take photos of everything I ate today and do a sort of ‘day-in-the-life’ post! It’s a good day to do it on as well, as I went out for lunch with my friend in a really lovely cafe in Lancaster (the Whale Tail for any locals) which is completely vegetarian and really vegan friendly as well – I take my mum there every time she comes to visit and she loves it!

So here’s my day today, it’s mostly super-healthy as I went out last night and I always eat really virtuously after I’ve been drinking, as I’m one of those silly naive people that think fruit and green tea will make your liver forgive you again… A girl can dream. So it’s a snapshot of what I usually eat, but most days have more chocolate in them, just so you know.

First, breakfast at 9am, after a full four hours sleep: porridge with peanut butter, raisins, agave syrup and loads of blueberries (and lots of water)



I usually drink my tea or coffee in my special awesome cup whilst doing my makeup and getting ready for university (you can tell I’m tired in this picture!)

Green tea!

Green tea!

Then I went to lunch with my friend, and had a tofu and mushroom burger, which was so nice! If you ever visit North West England, be sure to take a trip to the Whale Tail :)

Tofu burger

Tofu burger

Then I had a snack at home – an apple, Nakd bar, bowl of raisins and nuts and one of my Graze Box punnets… Oh, and yet more tea.



I had lemon and butternut squash gnocchi for dinner – this is an old photo, I forgot to take the photo for this when I had it :(

Lemon gnocchi

Lemon gnocchi

Then I had a chocolate mug cake for dessert with blueberries in it – now for a last cup of tea, and that’s my day done :)

Ugly Cake

Mug Cake


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