My Favourite ‘Ugly’ Meals

You’ve probably guessed by now that I love food – I cook lovely food every day, and I’m constantly thinking up new recipes to show you guys… But, some days, like everyone, I can’t be arsed. Either I seriously can’t be bothered to cook, or the thing that tastes beautiful, looks so seriously ugly that I simply can’t blog it. Or I just eat beans on toast because I’m still a student :)

So here are my top five favourite ‘ugly’ meals, i.e. food that tastes amazing but doesn’t look the part, or doesn’t even deserve a recipe because it’s something a baby would be able to do. Hope you enjoy!

1. Rice with tomatoes and cheese – literally, any veggies I can find, mixed with rice and chopped tomatoes, cheese on top and then grilled. I used to make this when I was about 14 and had no culinary skill to speak of.

Ugly Rice Meal

Ugly Rice Meal

2. Cereal mixes, i.e. Every type of cereal in the cupboard with some fruit and almond milk.

Ugly Cereal

Ugly Cereal

3.  Toast! I’m in love with toast, pictured is peanut butter toast.

Ugly Toast

Ugly Toast

4. Peanut butter banana porridge.

Ugly Porridge

Ugly Porridge

5. My all-time favourite, mug cake. I know I’ve done recipes for this before, but seriously, I eat them every day, and they don’t really look gorgeous, but they taste heavenly!

Ugly Cake

Ugly Cake

P.S. You may have noticed that the photos of the rice, cake and toast are much better quality than the other two, and it’s because I’ve been saving up for ages and I finally got a brilliant camera! It’s a canon and I’m very excited about it – unfortunately I bought it after the sun set, so I’m going to attach some photos I took last night, but they’re of boring things inside my house… Sorry. Hope you appreciate how clear the new pictures are though, I’m really looking forward to how much better my blog’s going to look in the future!



27 thoughts on “My Favourite ‘Ugly’ Meals

  1. Ha Ha! I loved this post! Sometimes no matter how many times you try, even the most delicious meals look ugly! I made a Briam style roasted vegetabale dish and I kept making it over and over and photographing it, but it kept looking ugly! In the end I decided to post it anyway and hope people will still try it! Well done you!

  2. I love ugly meals! It’s just hard to figure out how to photograph them. Food styling is such a time-consuming art. Better just to get from plate to mouth asap. : )

    My favorite are ugly pies – you don’t feel bad cutting into them and eating a huge slice as soon as it’s cool enough to stay together. Uglier = more delicious.

  3. Enchilladas are my favorite ugly meal. There’s nothing you can do to make it look beautiful. On another note, would be interesting to see what your favorite meals you can’t look ladylike while eating . like spaghetti or pho soup. Great post!

  4. Some of the tastiest dishes don’t photograph well. And sometimes, I’m just damn ready to eat to take the time to prep a photo. Love that you shared your favorite “ugly” meals :)

  5. That top dish looks so yummy…reminds me of the enchilladas I used to make however I’ve never tried a vegan version. Canned beans and toast or with a tortilla is one of my go to, lazy meals too.

    • I have posted a bit in the past about my anorexia recovery (see here, here and here), but I’ve been doing so well for the last few months that it hasn’t been on my mind at all, so I don’t know what I would have to say about it! If a few more people contact me asking questions or to hear more about my recovery then I promise I’ll do a post about it :) x

  6. I totally know what you mean! I hate it when something I make tastes really good but the photo just doesn’t do it justice. I will say the ugly rice dish wasn’t ugly at all and looked quite tasty- you should have blogged it! :-)

  7. I couldn’t agree more with toast. Few things satisfy me like some freshly toasted good bread (I pretty much always buy Dave’s Killer Bread) and some crunchy almond butter (from Trader Joe’s). I could eat this every darn day!

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