Top 20 Recipes Of 2012

Happy New Year!

I decided that even though my blog started in March, I would do a ‘best recipes’ round up of 2012, as it’s been an exciting year for me! These are your choices not mine, I looked at the stats for all my posts, and these are officially the top 20, based on how many views and likes my recipes got, I hope you love them!

Things I’m most proud of in 2012

  • Taking the steps to start my anorexia  recovery journey – I’m not there yet, but I feel that reaching my lowest adult weight, deciding that I wasn’t happy and making the change towards a healthier lifestyle is something to be really proud of. Sometimes I think the hardest thing in life is making a change when you absolutely don’t want to; in January I wanted nothing more than to keep losing weight, but I’ve been thinking and eating and pushing, despite all my negative feelings and multiple lapses and relapses, and I’m so happy with how far I’ve come.
  • I started my blog! And it’s going really well for me! I’ve been published, and have 800 wonderful followers, and it makes me happy every day to have my very own little creation :)
  • I’ve raised lots of money for charity (ran the Race for Life, held my competition for B-eat and worked in Cancer Research for a little while with my friends)
  • I knitted a jumper!
  • I went full-on vegan for three whole months – and I’m still experimenting with vegan baking and cooking!
  • I got a 2.1 for my first year of university, and am keeping it up
  • I gave blood again – and I’ve made another appointment for January
  • I adopted a panda
  • I got my very first job!
  • I made some pretty complicated food – Macarons and Croissants to name a few – I never thought I’d be able to!
  • I got into running, and can (safely) run 7km :)

And of course… My New Years resolutions

  1. Post one entirely original recipe once a month – I usually adapt my recipes from cookbooks, or get some inspiration from a telly programme or something – I want to make up a recipe (measurements included) entirely from scratch once a month.
  2. Raise at least £100 for any charity
  3. Give blood three times
  4. Start a photo album

I’d love some suggestions for resolutions though! What are your best ones?


22 thoughts on “Top 20 Recipes Of 2012

  1. Congrats for all these things wonderful in 2012! You give blood & you adopted a panda too! Good for you & for that panda too!

    Your recipes rock!!! I really love your cool blog! + 800 followers! Thta’s huge too! :)
    Happy 2013!!! xxx

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