A Very House Seven Christmas!

I’m so sorry for not posting or basically being alive for the past few days! I had some internet trouble and I’ve just arrived back in London (!) so since Thursday I’ve been trapped in a whirlpool of goodbyes, exams and car journeys… But, I’m back, and as I haven’t been cooking anything exciting for the last week or so, I thought I’d post some photos of the Christmas dinner I had with my flatmates (formerly known as House Seven when we all lived on campus together) at university :)

Chris and Nick cooked up a wonderful dinner, but obviously my favourite part was dessert; they made an amazing spiced fruit and pastry spiral with chocolate chilli sauce! I didn’t ask for the recipe, but the photo says it all, and credit goes to them for making our amazing dinner with exams and everything – I was an exhausted mess by the end of term, so I have no idea how they did it!

Also forgot to take a picture and I left it in Lancaster, but my housemate bought me an awesome secret Santa present! He got me some bookends that say “BA (books) KE”, and some cupcake socks :) Thanks Andy!

Hope you enjoy my photos, will be posting more soon!


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