Award Post

So I’ve had a lot of people nominating me for WordPress awards (like the Lovely Blog Award and similar ones) and I’m so grateful for them, really. I truly appreciate every award I get nominated for. Only problem is I get quite a lot, and they require a whole post each, so I can’t really play by the rules of every one I get… So I thought I’d make a post with a general THANK YOU for everyone who’s ever nominated me for little awards!

Basically the general consensus of these awards is that you answer a few questions about yourself, and then nominate other blogs you like for the award in question, so I thought I would answer a selection of questions from a variety of the different awards, then post links to 10 of my favourite blogs for you to have a look at :)

Basically this is my attempt to make up for the fact that I don’t really have the time to accept all of these awards, because I really do appreciate them all!

Question Time!

  1. Your favorite movie of all time? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – Jim Carey being serious is the best thing ever. Plus I still cry every single time.
  2. What is your favourite animal? Easy. Koala! My boyfriend even bought me a koala onsie for Christmas… I’m a dork, I know.
  3. What’s your favourite physical activity? I like yoga, but I’ve been doing ballet classes for about a year now and I’m loving them lots
  4. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Nepal was amazing, but I went during monsoon season, so maybe there again in the Spring. If not, then I’ve always wanted to go to Japan.
  5. What drives you nuts the most? People who don’t give others a chance, or just see things narrow mindedly. I try to see things in other people’s shoes, and it drives me mental when others are judgmental without reason.
  6. What’s your favourite food? At the moment pistachios, but only because I’m eating them right now and they’re yummy. Probably peanut butter/almond butter.

Some random facts

  1. I’m reading ‘Kafka on the Shore’ by Murakami at the moment, and it’s amazing so far.



  2. I can do the splits (tried to take a photo but it just looked odd)
  3. You can tell a lot about me by the contents of my notebook – eg. today, I have a load of work to do, and my handwriting is mental (see photo)
  4. I’ve had my nose pierced for about 3 years.
  5. I’m doing an English Literature degree, and I have an exam on Friday.
  6. I’m in the process of learning ‘Holocene’ by Bon Iver on the guitar… Might take a while!
  7. I miss my best friend, who goes to uni in Essex (I’m at Lancaster, the other side of the country) – she’s also awesome at photography, so I’m going to ‘hire’ her over the holidays to do some recipe shots for me!
  8. Every time I post something on my blog, my heart lurches with nerves for a second.
  9. Over the last few months I’ve been knitting a lot, and have been formulating an idea of doing a patchwork quilt with all my favourite bloggers – i.e. you would each do a square of the same size and mail it to me, then I would stitch it all together. Probably wouldn’t work, but it sounds like an awesome idea to me :)
  10. I love clothes, but I never really buy new shoes. So most mornings I choose my outfit solely on the basis that it looks alright with Doc Marten boots.

If you want to know any other random facts or answers to odd questions, then ask away in the comments section!

My favourite WordPress blogs – I really appreciate you guys, thanks :D

  1. Delices de Fleur
  2. The Food Gypsy
  3. Petit4chocolatier 
  4. Welcome Back Belly
  5. Sophie’s Foodie Files
  6. Lucie Loves Baking 
  7. The Little Loaf
  8. The Misfit Baker
  9. Go Bake Yourself
  10. Things We Make

14 thoughts on “Award Post

  1. Great post – good luck with your exam, I went to Lancaster University! I spent Sunday doing loads of award posts – I’m nominating you for the Reality Blog Award (will post in the next week or so), totally understand why you’ve done one post for all! Congratulations on all your awards.

  2. a patch-work-over-the-mail quilt?
    talk about community blogging
    and you deserved each of those awards…
    keep it up
    and good luck for the exams

  3. At the risk of appearing like a stalker of your blog, I would just like to say that I’ve had a look at your other favourite wordpress blogs, and followed 4 of them almost instantly! So, thanks for giving us the tip off for these! They are great x

  4. Congratulations!! Good luck with your exam on Friday :)
    I feel the same exact way; give someone a chance. You never ever know what they are going through.

    Thank you so much for the lovely nomination. I truly appreciate it!!

  5. I had no idea I was one of your favourite blogs! :D this is very exciting to know! You deserve each and every award/mention you get :) and I love you’re little facts xx oh and yes! Good luck with your exam!

  6. Loved reading Murakami! Kafka on the Shore was pretty good, though The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is my favorite. Still gotta read 1Q84 one of these days. Good luck on your exam!

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