Easy Vegan Honeycomb

Today’s random craving: a Cadbury’s Crunchy bar!

I don’t really know why, as they were never my favourite kind of sweet, but I felt a craving come along for one, and I thought, why buy one when you can make a vegan version, and it will be so much fun (honeycomb is like magic to create!) I tried honeycomb out a few weeks ago and it really failed, but I think I found a foolproof method this time, and it requires no sugarΒ thermometerΒ and no silly timers! It’s really brilliant to make and tastes so crunchy and melt-in-the-mouth – divine :)

It’s pictured at the bottom with an awesome chocolate microwave cake I made inspired by Chocolate Covered Katie’s version, which I had as my snack today, I’d really recommend having the two together to get the full chocolatey honeycomb experience, but you could also snap the honeycomb into pieces and dip them in melted chocolate, which would taste just like a Crunchy bar – either way, enjoy!

Vegan honeycomb


For the honeycomb

100g of caster sugar

4 tablespoons of golden syrup

One and a half teaspoons of bicarbonate of sugar

For the microwave chocolate cake

One and a half tablespoons of cocoa powder

3 tablespoons of self-raising flour

Pinch of salt

One and a half tablespoons of caster sugar

3 teaspoons of apple sauce

3 tablespoons of soy milk

Half a teaspoon of vanilla extract


  1. To make the honeycomb, simply put the caster sugar and golden syrup into a stainless steel pan, stir once, and then heat (do not stir at all whilst it’s on the heat!)
  2. Leave the sugar to bubble away for a few minutes until it’s turned a deep golden colour, like maple syrup, then quickly whisk in the bicarbonate of soda, and when it whooshes up, pour it into a small tin lined withΒ grease-proof paper (it will spread out by itself).
  3. Leave for a few minutes to set, then bash into little pieces.
  4. To make the mug cake, mix the dry ingredients together in a small mug, then add the wet ingredients and stir to combine.
  5. Microwave for around a minute, then turn out onto a plate, cover with a few chocolate buttons and impale with a piece of honeycomb.

Serves one (honeycomb serves more though!)

The best snack I’ve ever had


11 thoughts on “Easy Vegan Honeycomb

  1. Wicked turned out awesome I used rice syrup and castor cane sugar with a hint of cinnamon and turmeric amazing x

  2. What a great simple recipe! I’m a vegan cake maker and have been playing around with different vegan honeycomb recipes. I’ve found the trick is to really boil the Caramel for a good ten minutes on a medium heat and really let it bubble until you can really smell the Browning of the sugar and then to whisk in the bicarb. For me a tell that the honeycomb has worked is that when the bicarb hits the golden honeycomb syrup it goes like a lighter creamier colour and becomes really fluffy. That’s when you know it’ll have those lovely bubbles inside and not go flat or stay runny when you take it out of the pot! This is a great simple recipe!! Thanks for sharing!!! Whenever anyone asks me how to make vegan honeycomb I give them this website! It’s a great no fuss recipe πŸ‘Œ Well done πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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  5. Life saver! I’ve been vegan for ages and I had a particularly bad today so I went into my local coffee shop to get a coffee and they were selling Honeycomb chocolate brownies and I so very nearly folded and bought one, but now I know how to make my own! Thank you!

  6. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

    I tried making this a couple of days ago with raw caster sugar, and unfortunately it turned out as a sticky blob.

    Last night I tried it again with white caster sugar and it worked much better (yay). However, it’s still sticky on the outside and some of it still hasn’t set yet. Did yours really only take “a few minutes” to set? Am I doing something wrong?

    The bits that HAVE set are crunchy and delicious :)

    • Yeah, the first time I made mine it was ruined as well!
      It said on the recipe I used that it took a few minutes, but I had to go do something else after I made it, so I left it for half an hour – I copied the original recipe writing on here but I did actually leave mine for longer xx

      • Ah cool, thanks! Mine’s still sticky so I might try the recipe again, but this time I’ll try turning the heat up and really let it bubble for a while.

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