Last Minute Competition Update

As you might already know, I’m holding a competition in aid of Beat, the leading eating disorders charity – there’s only a week and a half left to enter until I announce the winner, so get donating and make sure you’re in with a chance to win the awesome prize I’ve been building up over the weeks :)

Rules of the competition are, donate any amount of money (as small as you want, and there’s a button on the website if you don’t want your amount to be seen) and leave your name and email address in the message section of the donation – I will pick a name out of a hat from the people who have donated on the First of December 2012 and contact the winner by email; here’s where to donate:

Awesome and yummy prize!

Prize now includes:

  • Handwritten personal card for the winner (will write this once it’s announced)
  • 101 veggie dishes – one of my favourite cookbooks
  • Vegan Pomegranate soap
  • Gingerbread Nakd bar – the best flavour
  • Cola and Cherry Nakd raisins
  • Rose water – I cook with this quite a lot, so I thought it would be nice to have, so you could bake some of my recipes!
  • Trek flapjack bar
  • Dorset Cereals muesli – it’s my favourite ever!
  • Suma Bombay mix with lime and coriander
  • Blueberry Bear yoyo (guilty pleasure of mine!)
  • Clipper tea (in my favourite flavour)
  • Dairy free fudge
  • Vegan dark chocolate
  • Vegan jelly crystals

A big majority of the products above were purchased in a little independent wholefoods shop, and everything (except the cookbook, which contains some recipes containing cheese etc.) is completely vegan :)

I really, really need your help with this, as I’m still £40 off my target, and I’m so desperate to raise as much money as I can, as the charity’s so close to my heart – please enter and spread the word to your friends.

Good luck if you have already entered, I hope you win the brilliant prize!

Lots of love, Emily x


3 thoughts on “Last Minute Competition Update

  1. Emily I have a horrific memory, could you inbox me later this evening to remind me? I’ll enter now I have a few £ (literally will be like £2 but it might get other people to chip in little bits!). Can share on Tumblr too if you like? Maybe some picnic people will enter =)

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