Competition Update

As you might already know, I’m holding a competition in aid of Beat, the leading eating disorders charity – today I went out and bought some (I’m still going to add to it later) of the prize for the lucky winner!

Rules of the competition are, donate any amount of money (it can be as little as 50p) and leave your name and email address in the message section of the donation – I will pick a name out of a hat from the people who have donated on the First of December 2012 and contact the winner by email; here’s where to donate:

Prize so far

This is my first prize update with what I bought today:

  1. 101 Veggie Dishes – I’ve done a few of these for the blog and they’ve turned out really well, plus there’s a great vegan section
  2. Postcard with a personalised message for the winner (I’ll write this when I find out the winner’s name)
  3. Clipper Sleep Easy Tea – this is my favourite ever type of tea
  4. Trek Oat Crunch Protein Flapjack
  5. Nakd Gingerbread Bar – the ultimate best flavour
  6. Organic Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar
  7. Vegetarian Raspberry Jelly
  8. Blueberry Bear YoYo – because I’m a child and I love these with all my heart
  9. Organic Rose Water – I use this quite a lot in my cooking, past recipes include: Rose & Raspberry Macarons, Rose and Vanilla Melting Moments and Rose Cupcakes
  10. Vegan Pomegranate Soap

All of the above items come from a little independent vegan shop (apart from the book), so this is an ultra-ethical prize so far :)

Good luck to anyone who decides to take part, and please spread the word about the competition, so that I can raise as much money as possible!

Thank you so much, love Emily x


4 thoughts on “Competition Update

  1. wow all of these things are super sweet and useful i love it :D i love the theme of the idea. i’m really into the whole health foods thing now and try to eat as few animal and fat/processed foods as possible, and i already a vegetarian, so this is a fantastic prize, well chosen :D

    • Thank you very much :D I tried to make the prize as unisex as I could, and I really love stuff like Nakd bars and veggie jelly as a treat – you should enter the competition if you want a chance to win it all! x

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