Moving In and Heart-Shaped Cake

I moved in to my university house yesterday! It’s really sweet, despite my first impressions of it – without decoration it looks so grim, the paint’s peeling and there are still horrid dusty remnants of the previous students, but after I moved all my things into my room it looks quite cute actually; it’s fairly small, I have a double bed, but that’s pretty much all that fits into it, so unfortunately I won’t be able to do much yoga in my room…

Anyway, yesterday I arrived at my house and some friends were waiting with birthday presents, and one of them was a cute heart-shaped silicone cake tin which I absolutely loved, and so I thought that today I’d make a cake for the six of us with it – the ‘House 7’ decoration is because we met each other in uni halls last year and we were put in flat 7; this year we’ve split into two little proper houses instead of flats, and we’re still only a road or two away from each other, which is great. The cake’s a little awful because I don’t quite trust our oven yet, and my scale broke so I had to use an American ‘cups’ recipe, but it tasted okay, which is what counts – because it wasn’t my best I’m not going to provide a recipe for it (unless you really want it!), but I really just wanted to post a few photos of my new house, so I’ll do a slideshow of everything – hope you enjoy :)

Also, I’m holding a competition at the moment in aid of Beat, so if you fancy winning some yummy vegan prizes (will be buying these next week) then enter here:


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