Violet Creams

It’s my birthday on the 16th! I’m really excited for it, and I’m having a little birthday gathering with my friends on Sunday – I’m making a ridiculous amount of goodies for the day, so I thought I’d post recipes of everything I’m making. I’m making these a few days in advance (along with another batch of my Rose & Raspberry French Macarons) because they wouldn’t go off, and I have a lot to make, so I’m staggering a lot :) I’m also planning to do some personal vegan cheesecakes, pasta salad, custard creams and my Mum’s making a chocolate cake – she makes the same one every year with my age (20) written on the top in Smarties; I feel so childish for admitting that but I love them so much, and I will continue to ask for them until I’m at least 40!

So this is just a quick post with the recipe for violet creams, and I hope you’re looking forward to my recipes as much as I’m looking forward to seeing my friends and turning 20!

Violet Creams


45ml of soy cream – I used Alpro soya single cream

45ml of violet syrup – you can get this online

A drop of purple food colouring

275g of icing sugar

100g of dark chocolate

One teaspoon of sunflower oil

20 sugared violets


  1. Put the cream, food colouring and syrup in a bowl and mix well. Sift the icing sugar onto the cream mixture and mix until smooth and firm – add more icing sugar if needed to bring it to a very firm consistency.
  2. Put in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Roll into teaspoon sized balls, and put in the fridge again whilst you melt together the chocolate and sunflower oil. Leave the chocolate to cool for 10 minutes before you dip the violet creams in, or else they will go all gooey.
  4. Press a sugared violet into the middle, and put in the fridge again until you want to eat them.

Makes 20


11 thoughts on “Violet Creams

  1. Hi, Happy Birthday. Just been looking for recipes for vegetarian violet creams. Doing research. Where can you get vegetarian sugared violets as they seem to be non-vegetarian. due to the colouring in them Cochineal. Ive been looking everywhere. Thanks, Ebren

  2. ohhh, this is such a cool recipe. I don’t think I’ve ever had a confection like this? Does it work with regular cream as well, or just soy cream? I think I’ll try it sometime. Also, Happy Birthday! =)

  3. Aww yay!! I went a little overboard baking for my birthday, but it’s such a fun occasion/excuse to bake :) Have a great birthday and I look forward to seeing everything you’re making!

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