Home-Made Spiced Almond Butter (!)

I’m officially home in London! I’m missing my friends at university already, but cooking-wise, I’m incredibly happy to be at home; an oven that works, a cupboard filled with random ingredients and a food processor means that I can experiment whenever the mood strikes me, and as today I noticed that my mum had bought a kilo bag of almonds, I felt compelled to make my very own home-made almond butter! This excited the foodie in me no end. I love nut butter, and almond butter’s so much better for you than peanut. This one just so happens to be sweet, delectable, raw vegan, gluten-free and relatively healthy :)

What a way to spend a morning!


400g of almonds

A teeny spoonful of agave nectar

A pinch of allspice or cinnamon


  1. Put in a food processor and blend the hell out of it for about 15 minutes, stopping to scrape down the sides every so often.
  2. Serve on toast, in porridge, in a smoothie, topping a fruit salad… Or just on a spoon, on its own.

After 5 minutes….

Showing signs of promise…

The finished product!


15 thoughts on “Home-Made Spiced Almond Butter (!)

  1. This is great. If I get my food processor for Christmas *crosses fingers* I will have to try it. I never buy it in stores because it’s pretty expensive and they add a lot of junk to it.

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  3. I love making my own nut butters, too! My food processor doesn’t really love it, but OMG the money you save. I never add any spices in, though- will definitely have to experiment with that :)

  4. Hey, just wanted to say I just found your blog and I am loving the look of it! I love how simple, yet delicious your recipes look! I struggling with feeding myself on a strict, student-friendly budget, so hopefully I learn some good tips from you. Keep up the awesome blogging. Can’t wait to follow you and see what else you come up with!

    • Thank you very much, I hope my recipes help a little :) – I always plan out my meals before I go food shopping so I don’t waste food, that’s literally the most helpful thing I can think of :p x

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