Apple and Raspberry Pie

Tonight I made Apple and Raspberry pie and actually ate quite a sizeable chunk of it, which represents a big leap for me in terms of my recovery for anorexia; not just because of the pastry and sugar, but also because I made and ate this totally spontaneously, and had no coercion by my freinds to eat it after it was finished – you probably don’t care much about this and just want me to get on with the recipe but I wanted to get it out because it’s a massive achievement for me, and I’m really happy that I did something well out of my comfort zone.

Anyway… I wanted to give pastry a go because it’s quite hard to make, especially in a vegan student kitchen, and it was a resounding success thank God! There was only enough for 4 of us, as we all had enormous appetites for it, but everyone – including me – really loved it, and the raspberries in the pie certainly filled me with excitement for summer! You could do this with any seasonal fruit; blackberries, rhubarb or even pumpkin in the autumn.

The recipe was adapted from a Jamie Oliver apple pie, and I wasn’t really sure how to vegan-ize it, so I just used a splash of soy milk instead of the egg yolk in the pastry, and it worked well for me, but if anyone has any tips for the perfect vegan shortcrust pastry, please feel free to comment below :)

Vegan Apple & Raspberry Pie



225g of plain flour

140g of vegan margarine

85g of caster sugar

Zest of half a lemon

A splash of soy milk

A pinch of salt


One bramley cooking apple

Five eating apples – braeburn

Good teaspoon of cinnamon and/or mixed spice

Small nub of vegan margarine

One punnet of raspberries (about 150g)

3 tablespoons of muskavado sugar

Zest of half a lemon

Handful of raisins


  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. To make the pastry, rub the margarine into the butter until it forms breadcrumbs, then stir in the sugar, salt and lemon, then mix in the soymilk to bind the mixture. Butter a 20cm pie dish.
  2. Divide the dough into two and roll out half of it on a floured surface until half a centimetre thick. Lay the pastry in the pie dish and push the mixture into the sides – put the dish and remaining dough in the fridge whilst you make the filling.
  3. To make the filling, peel and chop the apples and put them in a saucepan wit the sugar, lemon, spices, raisins and a tablespoon of water. Simmer gently for 5 minutes until the apples are tender, stir in the raspberries, then take off the heat and allow to cool completely.
  4. Fill the pie dish with the apple and raspberry mixture, then roll the remaining dough out to make a lid. Brush the sides of the dish a little with some soy milk. Put the lid on and crimp the edges a little. Brush the top with some more soy milk, then bake for 45-50 minutes. Serve with some vegan cream or custard.

Serves 4-6 depending on appetite

Proud owner of an empty plate :)


18 thoughts on “Apple and Raspberry Pie

  1. I am very glad you did not skip sharing your feeling of success! I congratulate you – not only for overcoming your anorexia, but also by taking the (what must have been massive) step to start a foodblog! (and on a less serious note: thank you, thank you for using grams – being from continetal europe with most blogs I constanly have to google conversions)

      • Woop woop to you!I found your blog today and cannot stop rdaeing it. Your writing is very simple and yet beautiful, you are very inspiring so please keep it up! How long have you been vegan for? Has it been since August 08?I went vegan last October and relate a lot to the things that you say. Thankfully, I didn’t become vegan because I was ill. I decided it was time for me to open my eyes to the harsh reality of the animals’ condition, the damage caused to the environment and to my body.Thanks for sharing your experience. Your blog is now listed in my favourites!Alex

  2. Congratulations on your progress!
    I have a friend who is recovering from her addictions, and she often talks about how you’ve really got to anchor yourself in the day-to-day victories (ones like this!), so I think you’re doing awesome.

    If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make vegan dough, I suggest using this Joy of Baking pie crust recipe ( — just use solid vegetable shortening instead of butter and add a tablespoon of lemon juice (to replace the lost moisture from the butter and add a bit of acid to relax the gluten). Of course, it won’t have that same buttery flavour as regular pie crust, but it will definitely be vegan!

    • Thanks so much :)
      I have a list of ‘little victories’ that I want to get through that make it seem less daunting (like eating with my freinds at dinner rather than eating alone) so hopefully I’ll keep conquering my fears little by little.
      Thanks for the tip about the pastry – I had no idea really, I was just making guesses, so I’ll definitely follow this recipe next time :) x

  3. Just want to say that I am really happy for you, it seems like you have come a long way in such a short amount of time! We are wishing you only the best with your recovery, and hope that you will continue to update us with your progress :)

    On a side note, it’s so interesting how different something as simple as measurements can be in different countries! We’re from Canada and all of the recipes I’ve used usually have measurements in cups, not grams. I’ve also never heard of a nub or punnet before haha I had to look them up online :P

    -xo L

    p.s. your pie looked lovely!

    • Thank you very much :)
      I’ve been trying really hard recently so it’s lovely to hear support from everyone, it really makes it motivating for me to get better, so thank you :D
      Yeah, I find cups so confusing so I put everything in grams – though I don’t think ‘nubs’ are technical, it’s just what Jamie Oliver said :)
      Thanks again x

    • Thank you :D
      Going strong with my 2,000 calorie plan today, just about to have dinner – gunna use that Tabbouleh stuff you bought me and some Quorn fillets – was really full earlier but the more I’m eating the hungrier I’m getting, I’m ravenous for dinner now! Love you xxx

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