Jubilee-Style Yoghurt Pots

It’s sunny… In Lancaster… In May…?!

The Diamond Jubilee’s coming up pretty soon for those of you who live in England, and I really wanted to celebrate by making some awesome cupcakes or cookies with the obligatory red/white/blue decorations but I don’t really have the time, money or oven to experiment with baking at the moment – my oven is going through aย temperamentalย stage where it either burns or under-cooks everything – so I thought it might be a nice change to have something natural and healthy in honour of the jubilee that’s easy enough for anyone to try. Most berries are in season at the moment, so I got all the ingredients quite cheaply, and I still have loads left to make more during the week.

This is the most basic dessert you could ever think of making, but it was really lovely and a nice refresher seeing as it’s actually nice weather outside for once; I even had to wear my awesome vintage 80s ray-bans, because everyone just needed more evidence that I’m a complete dork.

I might make some more Jubilee-style food nearer the time if anyone has any suggestions for me to try? I’d really love to have a proper English picnic, so watch this space, and enjoy the patriotism :)

Patriotic Dessert


Natural soya yoghurt – I use Provamel (I used plain so I could achieve the red/white/blue colours, but my yoghurt went pink because of the raspberries. Fail.)





  1. Mix all the ingredients in a little cup, pot orย ramekin and put in the freezer until sort of solid, but still a little mushy
  2. Decorate with a little more fruit

Serves however many your ingredients can make or your freezer can hold


4 thoughts on “Jubilee-Style Yoghurt Pots

  1. I saw the marching of the troops that ywent to see the queen, a few days ago, on the BBC. Lovely to see! I live in Belgium & I am a big Uk fan! :) Went on holiday there many times! :) Your breakfast is easy & ideal to begin my morning! :)

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