My Week in Pictures

Lovely flowers in my bedroom

There were posters around all of last month advertising a ‘Vegan Fair’ in Lancaster town, which is about 10 minutes away from my campus, and so I thought I’d go along with Matt (my flatmate Chris, notorious carnivore, refused on the grounds that “even free vegan food is still vegan food, and therefore not food”) out of curiosity really; there’s a few vegan/vegetarian cafes in our area that we knew about already, but I’d never realised before just how meat-free Lancaster is – it was insane! The vegan fair itself wasn’t amazing because we got there a bit too late (they did have taste-tests of GoodLife products though, which I’ve tried before and they’re amazing), but then we wandered round town for a couple of hours and found a really lovely little vegan/whole food shop and some organic fruit/veg/flower markets which were all really nice – Matt bought me some flowers as a sort of souvenir which are brightening up my room now :)

It was all really fun, sunny and generally lovely, but what made it strange is how normal being a vegan seemed; not only did some guy randomly start chatting to me about agave nectar, but when I asked ‘does this have dairy in’ about a product in the little shop, I was looked at as if I was a mental person. It was a real shock – especially considering I live in London for most of the year; I always thought that the bigger the town the more variety but it turns out that although living in London means that you are able to buy peanut butter at 3AM, it doesn’t necessarily mean that being a vegan is any easier.

Minnie Mouse Jumper :)

It was also the first sunny day in a while so I thought it would be nice to take about a million pictures of whatever I found that was weird/funny/sweet and got a few really good ones, which I’m quite proud of. It was also really nice to be able to capture the park and market whilst they actually looked green and spring-like, instead of everything being smothered by a sheet of rain as per usual.

I also wanted to post evidence that I am a massive dweeb: despite the sun, it is still England and therefore freezing all the time, so I wore the Minnie Mouse jumper I bought from Brick Lane a while ago, which I’m sure made me look like a homeless person. I regret nothing.

So, yeah. This is basically a massive collection of photos that I took from the day, some photos that I found from ages ago that I want to put up, but don’t really warrant a post of their own – eg. one of my flatmates made pizza from scratch last term and made a little vegan slice just for me (!), and some food that I made that aren’t really recipes, but are still awesome.

Oh and it’s in slideshow form, because I’m a boss at technology.

Love, Emily x

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6 thoughts on “My Week in Pictures

  1. Love your pictures! I just HAD to know about the condom thing so I Googled it – apparently latex usually contains casein, which is made from milk protein and also some lubricants used in condoms contain dairy enzymes or honey. Interesting.

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