Sweet & Spicy Rice

Thanking all my Gods today that I found some fresh chillies in my fridge along with some dried apricots that my boyfriend bought but didn’t quite use up, so I decided to make something decidedly less student-like than my last recipe; it’s sort of exasperating being a food-lover and aspiring chef when your kitchen is insane (my oven either burns or under-cooks everything depending on its mood) and you can’t afford proper ingredients, but today is different. This is a recipe (yet another from my Vegetarian Nosh 4 Students book) that tastes lovely and doesn’t cost the earth, and can be made even in a ridiculously under-equipped kitchen such as mine. I’ve adapted it a little to contain much more spice and no nuts, the original recipe contained almonds/pine nuts, which I’m not a massive fan of, but feel free to add if you’d like.

Sweet & Spicy Rice


50g of brown rice

Half a medium red onion

One clove of garlic

Half a red chilli

Half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper

Half a teaspoon of cinnamon

Around 30g of dried apricots (I used half a Tesco snack-pack)

Around 45g of raisins (I used a Whitworth’s Sunny Raisins snack-box)

Oil spray to fry

(If you want to add nuts, go for about 25g of toasted almonds or pine nuts)


  1. Cook the rice – should take about 20-25 minutes in boiling water
  2. Fry the onions and garlic towards the end of the rice’s cooking time, then add the rice, fruit and spices into the pan and fry for about a minute so that the flavours can mix
  3. Serve

Serves one

426 calories


4 thoughts on “Sweet & Spicy Rice

  1. Very neat combo of flavors, I always love sweet and spicy when I try it but so rarely attempt it in my kitchen. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

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