Brick Lane Food Markets

I just wanted to write a post about the incredible food markets in Brick Lane – I went with my mum and younger sister yesterday and I was completely overwhelmed by the plethora of different foods all inside the one vintage market we went into; there was literally cuisine from every single country you could think of, and my mum even pointed out a little vegan food stall… Which I promptly squealed at and ran over to poach recipe ideas. Smooth.

It’s really a pity I brought my own lunch and didn’t have enough money to spend on food (it was instead squandered on a vintage Levi’s denim jacket. I regret nothing.) But I took loads of photos of all the stalls and from the general day. I’ve turned into a tourist of my own town; being away from London means that every time I go outside now I feel like I have to take a million pictures just to remind myself what an amazing area I live in :)

The vegan food stall :)

Mexican food - my mum and sister bought chicken fajitas from here


2 thoughts on “Brick Lane Food Markets

  1. We are so lucky in London to have many fantastic food markets – you describe Brick Lane so well – I also love to visit Borough, Brixton market, East Street and many other smaller but equally energising markets too… Love your blog, Emily – thanks!

    • Ohh Brick Lane is wonderful, and Camden Market is one of my favourites as well, though they do mainly fast food – me and the boyfriend are planning on going to Borough for the day in Summer, it looks so awesome!
      You’re welcome :) x

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