Post Number One.

I’ve been thinking about starting a food blog for a while now, mostly since I picked up the annoying and slightly self-indulgent habit of taking pictures of every meal I made for myself, but also because I wanted to prove to all my friends that vegan and vegetarian food doesn’t have to be boring or expensive.

Most of the recipes I’ll be posting will be completely vegan, even though my ‘challenge’ is almost over (I pledged to stay vegan for three whole months), but sometimes it’s just easier to use eggs in baking – or I’ll be cooking for someone else –  so in those cases I promise I’ll put in a little vegan alternative for those more dedicated than myself.

I’m staying with my boyfriend in Birmingham for the next couple of days, where much cooking and photography will occur, so look forward to some cheap and animal-free recipes next week.

Emily x


2 thoughts on “Post Number One.

  1. Eggs are actually one of the easiest things to do without when it comes to baking! Do they sell powdered egg replacer near you? Applesauce is fantastic as well, it depends on what you needed the egg for. Is it a binder in the recipe or a leavener? And so on. Some things you can’t make without egg, like meringues, but a great website for vegan baked treats is, her cupcakes and other treats turn out fantastically but you’d want to substitute regular flour for the gluten free blend combined with xanthan gum if you are working off of a gluten free recipe. Just a thought of course, no pressure. A friend reminded me today that after all compassionate living is a journey, not a destination. :)

    • Wow, I’ll definitely give those replacers a try, though I think they’re probably easier to get hold of in America over England… I’m new to the vegan baking world so I didn’t even think about applesauce or anything – I have heard of flax-eggs though, and I’m desperate to give that a try.
      Thanks for the advice :) x

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